our team

We have an incredible team of dedicated staff who love Jesus and love the kingdom of God.

  • Pastor Christina Perkins has been in ministry since 2004. She has a deep love of the church and of what God can and will do. Creative worship, teaching and outreach are deep passions of hers. 

    Outside of ministry, she loves a good book, crafts of any kind and baking a cake. She is married to Nathan, an IT systems engineer.. Together, they have five daughters and are foster parents through United Methodist Family Services.

  • Administrative Assistant- Pam Hamilton

    In addition to her excellent skills in the church office, Pam leads Sunday School and plays in the Prime Chimers. 

  • Carolyn Dews

    Organist, piano player, Gospel Grass leader Prime Chimer member and incredible musician, Carolyn, brings an incredible amount of talent into the leadership of our music program. 

  • Bob Horn

    Director of our adult choir and Prime Chimers, Bob blesses us with his musical talents each week. In addition to his leadership skills he plays with Gospel Grass and is a member of the Leadership Board. Bob is a faithful member of our church community. 

  • Barbara King

    As our custodian, Barbara keeps our building in amazing shape. More than her cleaning abilities, we are blessed by the care that she shows. She is at every event, ready with a word of encouragement or blessing and a helping hand to make whatever is happening a success.